More Diaper Cake Ideas

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Princess Diaper Cake Idea for Girls

Diaper Cake Ideas for Girls
Every girl is a princess so it's only fitting she have a princess themed diaper cake decoration.  This diaper cake uses a tiara on top and a white boa for trim.  Done in pink with flowers and polka dot ribbon, it's a beautiful way to say the coming little girl is very special.

The tiara is a dead give-away for the princess theme, but it doesn't have to be a tiara, it could be rhinestone covered baby sunglasses in pink, or a decorative baby hairband with flower accessories. 

Craft stores have lots of items that are used in floral arrangements like this sparkly butterfly.  Not all of the items used in the diaper cake idea have to be baby items that can be used later.  Some can simply be trim for the cake itself like small floral additions, baby's breath, or lace bows. 

Fabric stores also provide lots of ideas for ways you can decorate a baby diaper cake.  Fabric remnants can be used for fabric bows or to create the environment for a theme.  Fleece remnants in baby colors can be used to make little pom-pom flowers, for example, that you can use on the diaper cake instead of bows.  Experiment a little bit and you'll find plenty of creative ways to decorate a baby shower diaper cake.

Colorful Diaper Cake Ideas

Great ideas for colorful diaper cakes can often come from infant socks.  There are some really, cool infant socks in wild patterns that are just priceless.  If you find some in coordinating patterns from the same manufacturer, like a pack of three, they can become the basis for your entire diaper cake ideas.

If you go with some of these bright and patterned socks, choose solid blankets and accessories so the socks will stand out.  Mix and match the ribbons with a few of the color choices from the socks and you'll have some really amazing diaper cakes!

Making Similar Diaper Cakes for Multiples

I have twin nephews and anyone who has twins in the family knows there's always a point at which the parents decide whether everything for the twins will be the same or whether or not they will be different.

I've always felt they should be different - until I talked to my sister-in-law, the mother of my twin nephews.  She said it was simply easier to have things the same in so many ways.

The boys always had matching shirts but in different colors, matching shoes in different colors, even matching bedspreads in different colors.  The reason this was easier, she said, was because then she didn't have to worry about whose shirt was whose, or who had the nicer looking shoes.  It seriously cut down on the envy.

So, if you're making diaper cakes for multiples, consider the mother's wishes.  If she's setting up the same items for each baby, do the same with the diaper cakes.  You can find lots of ideas for making pairs of diaper cakes that are unique but follow the same theme.

Making Different Diaper Cakes for Multiples

Then there's the other side of the equation.  On the one hand, having things the same for twins and multiples is fine and surely easier on everyone, but what about assisting in the development of different personalities?

Maybe it's too deep a topic for diaper cakes, but if you're faced with making diaper cakes for twins, the thought crosses your mind.  Should you make them the same or different?

I think it's okay to make them different as long as you include the same items in each:  a comb and brush set in one, a comb and brush set in the other.  They can be different styles, colors or patterns but at least each baby will have their own set.

Now, if you already know the gender of the multiples, things become much easier.  A girl diaper cake is going to look very different from a boy diaper cake and that's seems fine to me.

Jungle Themed Diaper Cake Ideas

Jungle Theme Diaper Cake Ideas
Speaking of jungle themed diaper cake ideas, here's one that uses a giraffe as the topper.  If you look closely, you'll see how everything chosen to decorate the diaper cake follows the giraffe theme.

The big has a giraffe on a car, there's a little wooden puzzle giraffe attached with ribbon in the center, and a blanket on top with more giraffes.  Carrying a theme throughout the entire diaper cake makes it look more professional and pulled together. 

It's often easiest to choose the larger blankets and coverings first, as they'll give you the most coverage on the diaper cake.  Once those are chosen, finding bibs and socks that match will be easier as you'll have the blankets and fabrics available to see if they make a good match.

A trick I use for making sure I've accounted for the size of the diaper cake is to buy an extra bib.  For example, if I'm doing an elephant theme diaper cake and happen across the perfect bib, I'll buy two of them.  First, the mother will always be able to use an extra bib.  Second, if I get carried away and make the first or second tiers larger than I anticipated and too large for the blankets I've chosen as covers, I have the extra bib handy to cover up any blank spots.

Diaper Cake Ideas for Baby Showers

Diaper cakes make great baby shower decorations and very useful baby shower gifts.  Every parent knows how handy the diapers underneath will be once the baby arrives and the accessories used to decorate a baby shower diaper cake are often not only colorful and fun but also useful. 

Diaper cakes can be decorated in an endless number of possible themes.  Of course, there are the traditional pink for girl babies and blue for boy babies, but there are so many characters and designs to choose from outside of those options.

A popular theme today is the jungle theme.  Using a jungle animal like a lion, an elephant, a monkey or a giraffe, you can create a diaper cake with bibs, plush toys, and even hairbrush and grooming items that have the shape of those animals.

When it comes to diaper cake for girls, I love the ones that are incredibly elegant.  Roses are my favorite flower so a diaper cake done in rose patterned crib blankets, rose-laced baby shoes, red ribbon and large red rose corsages are stunning.  Any single flower makes a great theme for a diaper cake - daisies, lilies, and even sunflowers are some possible diaper cake ideas

Sports themed diaper cakes for boys are also popular - baseball and football being two of the most obvious choices.  You can find lots of teddy bears with a baseball theme and they make great diaper cake toppers.

Ideas are everywhere.  You can find pictures online, but once you know the general pattern for a diaper cake, all you really need to do is choose the theme, colors, and accessories, most of which you can do with a walk down the aisle of Babys R Us or a browse through some boutique online baby stores.  That's where you'll find the cutest ideas.